Shotgun - $200/day

Seven consecutive days beginning the fourth Saturday in October.  Seven consecutive days beginning the first Saturday in December.

Archery - $150/day

Beginning the first Saturday in September through the third Monday in January.

Crossbow - $150/day

October 1st through the end of the third full weekend in October.  Second Saturday in November through December 31st.

Please call for available dates and for group rates.


Archery - $250/day

​Season Dates: Sep 2 2017 - Jan 15 2018
either sex

Exceptions: Either sex may be taken, except Oct. 21-22, Nov. 11-20 and Dec. 9-14, when hunters may take antlered deer only.

Crossbow - $250/day
​Season Dates: Oct 1 2017 - Oct 22 2017
either sex


Here at Western Kentucky Hunting Farms we follow hunting seasons and dates that the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife set each year.  We follow the rules except we only take the most mature bucks and the younger smaller ones walk.  You can find these dates and purchase your license online at Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. 

For your conveince some dates and prices are listed below. 

Muzzle-Loader - $500/day
Season Dates: Oct 21 2017 - Oct 22 2017 and Dec 9 2017 - Dec 17 2017


$150/day for Bow

$300/day for Modern Gun
Location: Statewide
Youth Only: Oct 14 2017 - Oct 15 2017 Youth Free: Dec 30 2017 - Dec 31 2017
either sex

Deer Hunting and Turkey Hunting Dates 


317-223-1722 or 270-983-0551

Modern Gun - $500/day

​Season Dates: Nov 11 2017 - Nov 26 2017
either sex

Western Kentucky Hunting Farms, LLC